Don’t Fear the Boogeyman

Posted on17/08/2020 3344

Todd Bar,nes nous sort un super documentaire  !!

A ne pas rater :

While riding waves in a prone position dates back to the ancient Hawaiians, on hand-carved boards called paipos, it wasn’t until 1973 that the sport became a worldwide phenomenon. That’s when eccentric surfer and inventor Tom Morey marketed his Morey Boogie to the world – and thus created one of waveriding’s greatest rivalries.
Bodyboarders and surfers have feuded in the lineup ever since. But as the surf world slowly creeps out of its narrow-minded ideological past – and into an accepting space of different board shapes, sizes, and materials – the relationship between bodyboarders and surfers has never been better. Hell, as soft-tops continue to sweep the surf world in popularity, even top pros have been turning to the dark side and riding prone.